Friday, December 30, 2011

My Week

I'm simply amazed how quickly this week has gone by.  I don't want it to end!  If only I could set this week on repeat.  I've spent time with family and friends (both new and old).  It's been lovely.

  I ordered glasses a few weeks ago and they finally arrived yesterday!  I was a little nervous purchasing glasses online (without being able to try them on) but it worked out well.  Despite being on the large side, I love these glasses!  I have my eye on several more but that will have to wait a bit!  I want to share this website with you all because you can't beat glasses for as low as $6.95!

I freely admit I have a problem.  It's called kittenitis!  I can't seem to stop taking pictures of cute little Ruby!  :)  

Yarn:  the ultimate kitten toy!  

All tuckered out!

Oh yes...the little pink kitten tongue!  So cute!

Tibet has always been a "mother hen".  He takes care of every creature that comes into my life.  Be it a pet rat, bird, or another kitty...he will groom it and love it and sometimes even NURSE it.  I've tried telling him that he's a boy but that doesn't seem to phase him!  So here he is nursing Bast!

It's been a busy week and I have kept myself well fortified with coffee!

I made some festive  sugar cookies just for fun!

I finally tackled a project that has been weighing on my mind since June.  My BEDROOM!  Yes, it was bad enough to earn that capitalized bold font.  I briefly considered posting pictures of the mess but then decided it would be far too embarrassing!  It took a total of eight hours but it is at long last, done!  Here are just a few snapshots...I will try to post more another time.  

I also worked on my living room.  I took the tree down this week so I was able to rearrange the furniture again.  Whew!  Went a whole month without doing that.  It was tough on me.  ;)  

I hope you all have had an awesome week!  New Year's is fast approaching...which means that I will be another year older this Sunday!  :)  


  1. Were you born on Jan 1st?

    I think I have kittenitis, does spread rather quickly doesn't it? heehee!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful week! You so deserve some time to relax and be with the ones that love you most.....
    ...and your place looks fantastic! I don't dare show my disaster area of a house. I won't even begin to clean until everyone is back at work/school....pointless otherwise :)

  2. I sure was!

    Oh thanks! I've been working hard. I can't believe how lovely it is waking up to a clean bedroom!

  3. Well Happy Early Birthday, Girlie!!!!

    What a fantastic way to start a brand new year!!!


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