Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hang Your Stocking With Care...

I was a busy little elf over the weekend!  I came across an idea to make stockings from old sweaters.  Here are my attempts...let me warn you...once you make one you wont want to stop!  I lined all of mine with various things from cotton flannel to old t-shirt material.  All said and done, you only spend about 30 minutes or so on each.  Not bad for such a cute outcome!  

I used a variety of trims...ball fringe here...


Peace sign....

On this one I just utilized the existing buttons on the cardigan sweater.  Easy peasy!  ;)

I also made this little catnip mouse.  I want to do more for all the kitties in my life (mine of course and my friends and family).  

I had to say goodbye to the last of the rat girls, Violet.  She just wasn't the same after her sister died a few weeks ago.  She grew lethargic and just really began to act her age.  Then for some reason she developed mastitis.  She stopped eating Monday evening and I knew it was time to end her suffering.  I took her in to the vet yesterday and stayed with her til the end.  After the vet gave her the injection she nestled her little nose into my palm until she breathed her last.  It was very peaceful for her (I managed to not start sobbing until after it was all over and I was back home).  She was such a funny little rat.  I'd go so far as to call her the "class clown" of the bunch!
Here is a picture of a young Violet.  I believe this was taken shortly after bringing her home for the first time.  

She loved exploring!

She had no fear of cats.  Tibet loved Violet (and not in a "I'm going to eat you later" kind of way).  They were fast friends.  

This was Violet the day before I put her to sleep.  She spent much of the day curled in the fetal position.  I'm so glad she's at rest now.  

I snapped a few cute happy pictures this week of the cats.  I love this one of Freya.  I like when I accidentally catch a yawn photo!  

Bast in the Christmas tree.  Where she likes to knock ornaments to the ground...and nap...but mostly just knock ornaments to the ground!  ;)  

Every year I try to add one new ornament to the tree.  This year I supported my favorite craft store by purchasing this adorable one!  

Random shot of my living room.  I had to rearrange everything to make room for the it's a bit cramped but still looks cute, I think.  :)  


  1. Rest in Peace, Sweet Violet....
    So cute to see that picture of her crawling all over Tibet...

    I love that ornament! Perfect!

  2. I like the way you moved the living room around! Wish I could see it in person :)


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