Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Bravest Girl

Last night Ruby stopped hissing at Zoe and started looking at her with curiosity.

After a few minutes of the stare down Ruby discovered that a doggy tail is a wonderful play toy!

Zoe was quite the sport...she put up with pesky little Ruby like a pro!

I think they are going to be great friends!  


  1. That's so cute!
    My cats are still not getting along. The older ones avoid Sally and hiss at her when she gets near.

    I think dogs aren't so threatened by a little bundle of fur :) Zoe's a sweetie, anyways, of course!

  2. She's so cute! I think she grew in the last few days, though.

  3. old are your cats Cameron? Maybe it will just take them a little longer?

    Thanks Kel. I think she grew too!

  4. One's 13 and the other 8....yep, they are set in their ways :)

  5. You have an old kitty! My oldest is approx 12. He's a sweetie...he's seen kittens/cats come and go and he's mothered them all!

  6. Luckily there's just the hissing, no fights or anything too, I hope, with time, they'll at least be able to tolerate Sally.


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