Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bits of Home

I've been a homebody this week...well in between trips to Starbucks to use my gift cards!  I may not leave the house again after today.  I feel something coming on...maybe a cold...maybe the flu.  I think a day in bed is in order!  Like everyone else this time of year I have been running around like mad trying to accomplish way too much.  I think that takes its toll on a body.  

I've been snapping random photos of my house/things in my house.  Here's a super cute owl cookie jar my sister gave me.  My family knows I've had my eye on a 1970's owl cookie jar for years's just a bit out of my price range at the moment.  So this is an awesome gift to help me over that "I want want want" moment!  Thanks Kel!  

I have a thing for fabric calenders.  Not really sure why I like them so much!

I'm not really sure what this was used for (well I imagine bread went on the bottom) but I store my cookbooks in there!  In the top drawers I stash vitamins/supplements and quick snacks (like banana chips)!

This little fairy was intended for the garden but I keep her in my living room where I can see her every day!  She's cast iron so my cats can't break her!  ;)  

Let me leave you with a cute kitty photo.  Persephone certainly is photogenic!  


  1. ....and look how big she's getting!

    I just love that mushroom curio of yours! I'd put it here in my art space and store crafty supplies in it :)

  2. She is a big girl now. Seems even bigger now that tiny Ruby is on the scene!

    Yes, I love it as well. Eyed it for a long time before I finally bought it. The very next day the store owner called and told me that someone came in right after me, wanting to buy it. Haha! I got it in the nick of time! ;)

  3. That's funny! What great timing!


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