Friday, November 25, 2011

Zoo Fun

I took the boys to the zoo today.  It was a bit chilly but fun because we practically had the entire zoo to ourselves!  We got to see so many animals actually being active.  Whenever we went in the summer the majority of the critters were sleeping!  My favorite of the day was this beautiful cheetah.  She posed for us!  What a beauty!  

The Mandrills were just hanging around...

The tiger was pacing back and forth, right in front of us.  Kind of made me sad...

The lions were sleeping in the sun.  The little guy looked at the lions and said "Simba and Nala"!  Lol.  He had just seen The Lion King for the first time yesterday.  :)  

The polar bears were so fun today!  One of them was splashing and playing in the water with a big barrel.  He kept kicking it up in the air and trying to climb on top of it.  At one point he jumped out of the water and slapped the glass where we were standing!  It was pretty amazing!  

So this is how I spent my Black Friday... making two little boys happy and enjoying the wildlife.  Sure beats the shopping madness!  

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  1. I agree! Won't dare brave the madness of Black Friday!!
    What a wonderful day!


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