Monday, November 28, 2011

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Do you all remember the pictures I posted of this guy a few months ago?  I adopted Ichime from a friend of mine who could no longer keep him.  For some reason Ichi had a really difficult time adjusting to his new life with me.  He stopped eating and I had to began force feeding him.  He hated every minute of it!  I wasn't too fond of doing it either...but I did what I had to.  Sadly it wasn't enough and poor Ichime passed away last night.  :(  
He was such a sweet guy with a fondness for my purses.  I guess they made a good napping spot!  He loved to be held and he would give little kitty hugs!  I'm sad that I had such a short time with this sweetheart.  :(  

This is Gideon Freaktoe (Freaks for short).  He's been with me for many years....he's an outside kitty that rarely leaves the porch (and if he does it's only to go into the front yard).  
He's been missing since Saturday I'm assuming the worst here.  :(  My guess is he crawled off into the woods to die...poor old man.  

It's really been a bad couple of weeks at the animal house.  I'm hoping that things look up soon!  


  1. Sorry for all the losses. This makes me sad.

  2. Noooooo!!

    Oh Heather....what can be said?! I'm just feeling for you...soooo much!

  3. :( Im sorry Heather. You were right about Ichime.

  4. Thanks everyone. I wish I had been wrong, Chan!!


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