Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thanks to those of you who left sweet messages on my last post concerning my kitty.  I appreciate you all!  I started my day off on a bit of a sad note as I had to pick up Gabriel's cremains from the vet. Although it does feel good to have him home again, even if it isn't the way I had hoped.  Does that sound weird?  

Pat came for a weekend visit so we've been quite busy today!  We saw Breaking Dawn this afternoon, had a yummy Mediterranean lunch, and went to Columbus Zoo for Wildlights.  Fun stuff!  It was my first visit to see Wildlights.  I really enjoyed the millions of lights and the festive holiday music.  We didn't see very many animals though...either the exhibits were closed or the animals were sleeping.  

It was the perfect weather for this!  Lovely 50 degree evening!  :)  

Beautiful lights!

I always stop by the petting farm when I visit the zoo.  These two cuties were so precious!

The polar bears were quite active.  The one on the left kept playing with a toy and the one on the right was very entertaining!

Overall it was a great Saturday.  It was nice to end the week on a good note after all the sadness.  

What did you do with your Saturday?


  1. Looks like fun. I think I might want to see the zoo lights sometime, too.

  2. Come visit me and we'll's FREE! Lol.

  3. Aaw, sounds like fun!! :) We used to go to see the 'Zoolights', which I think are the same thing - but it was always *way* too cold! lol.

  4. I'm happy the end of the week has been looking up a bit...nothing like occupying yourself with pleasant company and things you enjoy...
    Big hugs, Sweetie!



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