Saturday, November 5, 2011

Knit One

Hello lovelies!  How is your weekend going?  I got to spend several hours babysitting two adorable little girls this morning.  We had lots of fun reading books and parading around in Halloween costumes.  :)  Thanks Megan for giving me my "baby fix" for the day!  :)

I can't believe it's already November.  The thought that I have to put up holiday decorations soon took me by surprise yesterday.  Not to mention that I haven't even started thinking about gifts!  I'm planning on crafting some gifts this year.  In the past I've often knitted scarves and hats for friends and family.  However I typically started making those in June.  This year I'm lazy I guess.  I haven't knitted anything for anyone (except this scarf which is all MINE).  I'm thinking I will be utilizing my sewing machine this year for the majority of my gifts.  I'm not feeling too inspired yet so I guess it's good that I thrive under pressure!  ;)  

So here is the little number I'm making for myself.  I've made other variations of this pattern over the years. I like this one because it's knitted from bamboo yarn, making it extra soft.  I also like the bright pop of color.  Lime green is not usually on my list of favorite colors but for some reason it works with this scarf...perhaps due to it's playful nature?  

Are you having a crafty Christmas this year?


  1. Very cute scarf! If you come up with any great ideas I'd love to know. Christmas has snuckin (snuck up on) me, too!

  2. a soft army of octopi nesting under your chin....heehee! So fun!

    I'm still trying to make stuff to beef up the etsy store.....should have something to show in a couple days :)

  3. I actually call it an octopus scarf! Great minds think alike. ;)

  4. Right now is the best time to start knitting too! I knit all winter that it becomes a habit...then when it gets warm and there are no needs for scarves I am lost until winter comes again! lol.


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