Monday, November 28, 2011

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Do you all remember the pictures I posted of this guy a few months ago?  I adopted Ichime from a friend of mine who could no longer keep him.  For some reason Ichi had a really difficult time adjusting to his new life with me.  He stopped eating and I had to began force feeding him.  He hated every minute of it!  I wasn't too fond of doing it either...but I did what I had to.  Sadly it wasn't enough and poor Ichime passed away last night.  :(  
He was such a sweet guy with a fondness for my purses.  I guess they made a good napping spot!  He loved to be held and he would give little kitty hugs!  I'm sad that I had such a short time with this sweetheart.  :(  

This is Gideon Freaktoe (Freaks for short).  He's been with me for many years....he's an outside kitty that rarely leaves the porch (and if he does it's only to go into the front yard).  
He's been missing since Saturday I'm assuming the worst here.  :(  My guess is he crawled off into the woods to die...poor old man.  

It's really been a bad couple of weeks at the animal house.  I'm hoping that things look up soon!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Very Good Day

I got quite the surprise Saturday morning. My best friend from childhood came for a spur of the moment visit!  She brought her little girl, Kate, too!  

We had such a great time!  We went for Indian food for lunch, did a little shopping, and wrapped up our day with coffee.  

Little Katie-bug is a real charmer.  She's one of the most pleasant, happy-go-lucky girls I've ever met.  She loved our girl time!

This visit is just what I needed to cheer me up after all the sadness I've experienced lately.  Thank you so much for giving me the best weekend I've had in a really long time!  I love you Chan!  

After they went home I decided to get down to business.  I rearranged my entire living room to make room for the holiday tree. This year I put my artificial tree to use.  I typically alternate between a real and artificial tree.  I do prefer the real thing but the mess of pine needles discourages me from having one every time!  I so hope to find a silver tree one year.  It's my dream.  Until then, the white one will do!  

Some of my favorite (cat proof) ornaments...

I try to use non-breakable ones, just in case.  My Mom has so many beautiful antique bulbs...I know she would give me some...but I'm afraid they would get broken in my house!  You can see what I mean in this next photo!  

Miss Camille loves to perch in the tree!  It's her favorite place.  She's so cute that I don't have the heart to reprimand her!  I decided long ago (since I don't really have a choice anyway) that the tree exists solely for the cats pleasure.  :)  

Friday, November 25, 2011

Zoo Fun

I took the boys to the zoo today.  It was a bit chilly but fun because we practically had the entire zoo to ourselves!  We got to see so many animals actually being active.  Whenever we went in the summer the majority of the critters were sleeping!  My favorite of the day was this beautiful cheetah.  She posed for us!  What a beauty!  

The Mandrills were just hanging around...

The tiger was pacing back and forth, right in front of us.  Kind of made me sad...

The lions were sleeping in the sun.  The little guy looked at the lions and said "Simba and Nala"!  Lol.  He had just seen The Lion King for the first time yesterday.  :)  

The polar bears were so fun today!  One of them was splashing and playing in the water with a big barrel.  He kept kicking it up in the air and trying to climb on top of it.  At one point he jumped out of the water and slapped the glass where we were standing!  It was pretty amazing!  

So this is how I spent my Black Friday... making two little boys happy and enjoying the wildlife.  Sure beats the shopping madness!  


Thanksgiving morning I slept in the tiniest bit and then got busy taking care of the fur-kids.  When I walked Sadie I noticed she seemed a bit unsteady at one point but chalked it up to her advanced age.  She ate, drank, and otherwise acted normal after that one tipsy moment.  I left shortly after to get some coffee and when I returned 30 minutes later I found little Sadie dead on the bathroom floor.  No idea why.  No warning signs (except in retrospect perhaps that tipsy moment was something)...
Not really the best way to start any day, let alone a holiday!  Poor Sadie-bug!  :(  

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thanks to those of you who left sweet messages on my last post concerning my kitty.  I appreciate you all!  I started my day off on a bit of a sad note as I had to pick up Gabriel's cremains from the vet. Although it does feel good to have him home again, even if it isn't the way I had hoped.  Does that sound weird?  

Pat came for a weekend visit so we've been quite busy today!  We saw Breaking Dawn this afternoon, had a yummy Mediterranean lunch, and went to Columbus Zoo for Wildlights.  Fun stuff!  It was my first visit to see Wildlights.  I really enjoyed the millions of lights and the festive holiday music.  We didn't see very many animals though...either the exhibits were closed or the animals were sleeping.  

It was the perfect weather for this!  Lovely 50 degree evening!  :)  

Beautiful lights!

I always stop by the petting farm when I visit the zoo.  These two cuties were so precious!

The polar bears were quite active.  The one on the left kept playing with a toy and the one on the right was very entertaining!

Overall it was a great Saturday.  It was nice to end the week on a good note after all the sadness.  

What did you do with your Saturday?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad day...

Following so soon on the heels of Petunia's death, another tragedy has struck my home.  Monday morning as I was backing out of my driveway I somehow managed to run over my kitty Gabriel's leg.  I'm not even sure how it happened.  I always look around the car for cats and I back out so slowly.  I'm guessing he must have darted behind me at the last second.  I heard a terrible *crunch* and then I saw him trying to run off.  When I caught up with him I saw that his leg was hanging loosely and I immediately knew that it was broken.  :(  
I took him to my vet where they felt his leg and told me that both bones were broken in his right leg.  They didn't take his temp or x-rays or anything.  The doctor said they would keep him overnight and attempt to put a cast on him the next morning.  I watched as they gave him a shot for pain and then I kissed him goodbye and left with instructions to call the vet office at 2 pm the next day.  

Tuesday at ten I got a call from the doctor saying that Gabriel had really gone downhill overnight.  His temp was at 90 degrees (which for a cat is hypothermia).  The vet was very negative...told me that he wasn't going to attempt to fix the bone until he figured out why Gabriel's temp was so low.  He immediately suggested testing for feline leukemia.  At that point I was wondering why he would be running that test when Gabes was in such bad condition...but I let him do what he felt was needed.  Of course the test came back negative.  At that point the doctor said all he could do was give Gabes a warm IV and a heating pad. I told him to do so immediately and then the vet advised me to call back at 2 to check on his condition.  

That was the longest four hours of my life!  Finally I called and was put on hold for ten minutes!  The vet couldn't even be bothered to speak with me at that point...the receptionist told me that Gabriel had passed away.  I started sobbing immediately...even the poor receptionist was crying.  After I had calmed down I started asking questions.  When I asked why he had died the answer was "it's hard to say".  Really???  I asked her about the care Gabriel had received after I had left.  He was put in a cage with a little canned food.  He was not give fluids or a heating pad.  He was left for over 17 hours with no one monitoring his condition.  Now I'm no vet but this leads me to believe that my poor cat died because he was in shock...his body temp dropped drastically...and death resulted.  I don't think it's just me looking to pin his death on someone....I honestly think that my vet was negligent.  I am so upset and angry and yes, even guilty.  I mean I was the one who broke his leg.  I was the one who entrusted my injured cat to someone who did not have his best interests at heart.  This is the second cat that has spent the night at my vets office and died.  

After I pick up Gabriel's ashes this weekend,  I will never return to that particular vet.  Now I have to live with the guilt of this for the rest of my life.  

Gabriel was nicknamed "sunshine" or "sun" for short because he was such a happy fellow.  He loved me more than any cat should love a human.  He used to do this adorable trick where he would sit at my feet and then suddenly leap straight up into my arms.  It was adorable and he would then curl himself around my neck like a living fur stole.  He loved going for walks with me and the dogs.  He'd stay with us the whole time and when we'd head home he would be right at my heels.  He was truly a special boy.  I am so sad that he died alone in a cage...

I'm sorry Gabriel.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It has been such a lazy day.  I stayed in my jammies til early afternoon!  I love days when I get to do that...they are too rare.  

I'm out of quick and easy breakfast foods (cereal!) so I tied on my festive Hoot-n-Annie apron...

and whipped up some old fashioned baking powder biscuits.  There's something so satisfying about kneading dough and rolling it out to create something so tasty!

Later I looked through some of my old childhood books:  Socks, Jo's Boys and Nancy Drew...

I adore the old  illustrations in these books!

I managed to get a lot done this weekend.  My sister came for a short visit we got to spend some much needed time together.  I hate how my whole family is so spread out.  It doesn't seem right that I can't walk in the next room and see my sister any time I want.  Being an adult isn't all that it's cracked up to be!  

I spent several hours last night cleaning my messy bedroom.  This is something I've put off for many many months!  Not a pretty sight, I can tell you!  I think I've tamed the savage beast for now.  Whew!  

Something really sad happened yesterday.  I lost my little rat girl Petunia.  She'd been sick for about a week or so...she had a gross infection that did her in despite antibiotics.  She's finally at rest now and no longer in pain, thank goodness.  Her sister, Violet, has been acting very sad all day.  I don't think she likes being alone.  Poor girl.  :(

This is the hardest part of loving animals.  Of loving any living creature, really.    

Friday, November 11, 2011

American Pie

I was feeling Martha Stewart-y this week so I tried my hand at baking a pie from scratch.  This was inspired by a new cookbook called Vegan Pie In The Sky by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. For my first attempt I made the Cosmos Apple Pie.  Now I've made pies before but I always used a store bought crust.  This time I made one myself.  If  I had had any idea that this was what I've been missing, I would've whipped out my rolling pin sooner!  The crust is perfect...light and flaky and vegan buttery tasting.  Divine...sigh.  Visually I don't think my crust looks that great but I figure with practice, I will get better results.  :)  

What's your favorite pie?  

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Cookin'?

I felt inspired to use the sewing machine this weekend.  I didn't know what to make, so I made another apron!  I'm not a big fan of patterns so I came up with this one on my own.  What do you think?  I love the retro looking fabric.  :)  

Bits + Pieces

Autumn Cat

Craft my Mom made her Mom many years ago...

Tin Sign

Old Maple

Sweetgrass braid

A kitten makes a house a HOME!  :)