Saturday, October 22, 2011

Under The Big Top

I don't have children (but wish I did).  I spend inordinate amounts of time fantasizing about children's rooms.  I'm currently stuck on circus themes...even though I find clowns creepy.  ;)  
I really enjoy old posters such as this one:

Blythe dolls...ahhh...the kid in me totally wants one!  This little girl is all dressed up for her trip to the circus!  :) 

I think this is the cutest toy box I've ever seen!  

Of course a circus themed room would not be complete without some fun toys to liven things up a bit, right?  Check out this adorable  one!

This is the beginning of my personal collection.  I found this at a thrift shop for next to nothing.  Too cute to pass up!    


  1. That would be such a fun room! I clowns....the kid would never sleep in there...haha!


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