Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sumptuous Sunday!

I admit it.  Sometimes I knit stupid things just to say I did it!  This is one such exercise in futility.  I made a rat house.  That's right...a house for rats.  Violet and Petunia thought it was great fun...

but that didn't stop them from chewing it to bits in one evening!  

My boy BFF came for a weekend visit.  We went to PF Changs for dinner last night.  

We started with the oh so yummy vegetarian lettuce wraps!  I had the tasty coconut curry vegetables for my meal.  Divine!  

This morning he surprised me with a trip to my favorite place:  Whole World Natural Restaurant in Clintonville.  I had the super delish Big Breakfast.  Eggless scramble (tofu), oven roasted potatoes, vegan sausage patties and black bread.  

We spent some time wandering in vintage stores too...which is fun but torture when you can't buy!  I'm not a big fan of window shopping.  Lol.  Still, we had a good time and it was so nice to get to spend some time with Pat!  

Happy Sunday Friends!!!  


  1. That's a fun pic of you and Pat. And I love what the rats did to their new house!

  2. The rat house was so cool! Notice I said WAS! It looks like they enjoyed it. Looks like you and Patrick had a good time this weekend.

  3. So your rats redecorated...they don't like it when their place becomes stagnant either...haha!
    You'd think being hairless, they'd never leave it :)

    I don't like window shopping that I'm not working...I'll literally pay for things with change I dig out of Hubby's coin stash :P
    Looks like such a fun weekend with Pat...I love eating out!

  4. I raid my laundry coin stash quite often! Sometimes it is necessary...especially when Starbucks is calling my name! ;)


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