Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Bliss

Happy Saturday Friends!  I woke up early and cleaned the house.  It always feels good to get that out of the way!  :)  I made some Indian food and worked on my latest knitting project.  Here is a sneak peak.  Bet you can't guess what this is going to be!  

My sister has had one of these colanders for years.  And for years I have coveted it!  I finally came across one at the thrift store for two bucks.  Score!  

I am so taken with my sofa.  It is unique and fun!  I love its quirkiness.  I mean just look at it!  :)  

Reusable shopping bags are such fun.  Especially ones with kittens on them!  

What are you all up to this beautiful day?  


  1. We went out as a for groceries, stopping into a Halloween store....having lunch...

    Came home and made dinner together, listening to Maggie's music while we hummed and ate...

    Good day!
    That kitty bag is just adorable!


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