Thursday, October 20, 2011


Winter is coming and I can feel myself starting to withdraw from the world.  Every Autumn it starts.  I bail on plans with my friends so I can lounge in my warm bed with a cozy cat or two.  Do any of you get this way?  

Persephone is a little cuddly lovebug.  Perfect for cuddling up to on those cold winter nights!

Just a random shot of my living room.  I rearrange it monthly.  I can't stand for my house to be stagnant!

I may not drink milk but I do appreciate this cute tin sign hanging in my kitchen!  

I love the view out my kitchen window.  Makes doing dishes a little more tolerable!  :)  

Happy Autumn Friends!!!  


  1. Your house is sooo cute! I love how your furries look so comfortable in it...and those kitchen curtains...
    I bet the way they billow in the breeze with soft rays of sunshine peeking through is absolute homey perfection...I can see it in my mind :)

  2. Good imagination! That's exactly what it looks like. :)


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