Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey Lovelies!

I've been missing from Blogger for too long!  The good news is that I survived my 75 hour week!  Yay!  Thank goodness that is in the past and I have a lovely work free weekend to look forward to.  :)  How has your week been?  
I took the baby to the park and the zoo this week.  We got to feed some friendly little ducks.

Who knew they like pita bread?  ;)

The zoo was super crowded due to the holiday so we didn't stay too long.  We enjoyed watching these tiny little frogs.  Aren't they just precious?  

The Komodo Dragon was pretty lethargic.  I don't know what they are normally like (this was the first time we saw him).  He basically just laid there and watched us.  He kind of made me sad.  

This giant turtle was lots of fun.  He was munching on some fallen leaves!

My pets have been happy to have more time with me.  Zoe cracks me up!  She walked over to her "toy box" and picked up a bone and played with it for a few minutes.  Then she headed back over to her toys and picked out a new one.  This went on for some time until all of her toys were scattered on the floor!  She's just like a kid...messy!  :)  

Freya is my beautiful girl.  Always ready to strike a pose!  I just adore her multi colored eyes.  She's so special.  :)  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That's a nice angle for Freya. She looks interesting!

  2. Ahhh....your sweet animals buddies...I bet they've missed you!

    I love Freya's eyes, too! Do you remember this painting I did?

    The eyes are in the same order! I just had to go and check...haha!

    I know how much you enjoy a day at the zoo! So glad to hear you're finding a bit of time for the things you like doing :D

  3. Freya is a silly girl!

    Cameron, I do remember it! It made me think of Freya right away! :)


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