Saturday, October 29, 2011

Etsy Owl Love!

I inherited my love of owls from my mother.  She collected them from the time I was a small child.  Recently I inherited several of her prized owls!  I thought I'd dedicate this post to etsy owls!  

This Blue Owl from Unitedthread is breathtaking!  

Adorable Headphones Owl Tee from GnomeEnterprises. 

Super cute Owl Tile Coasters from Paizelypolkadot.  

Hoot Owl Pillow from Momsbabypooh.



  1. Love em, too! My Mom has a collection in the garage somewhere....used to be her "thing" too :)

    I hope you got my email....I feel so bad you didn't get the first one!

  2. Hi Cameron,
    No emails so far! Not sure what's going on...

  3. Blogger Swap !! - Hey there, this is for the blogger swap. Wow - I am a biiiiig fan of owls and I really enjoyed looking at these. Wish I was more gifted in sewing and crocheting, then I'd craft owl pillows all the time, I bet. ;) I have one owl tattoed on my leg, it's part of a bigger collage that's not completely finished yet. So, let me say thanks for sharing this - and happy swapping!

  4. oh, btw - i am lilCowgirl ... i forgot to mention my swap bot name , sorry;)

  5. Thanks Annie! I'd love to see your owl tat. Do you have pics posted?

  6. Each one of these are so cute! I especially love the coasters...and that last one, the sleeping owl! Adorable! :) Thanks for visiting my blog tonight...have a great week!



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