Friday, September 9, 2011

The Death Of Suki

Suki (my Subaru) has been deemed not worth repairing by the insurance company.  The body shop quoted nearly five thousand in repairs.  I don't know if everyone gets as attached to their cars as I do but I swear I feel like my puppy just died!  I've cried many tears over her and even though I said my official goodbye to her today, it just feels surreal.  So now I'm back in the same boat I was in back in December when I first got Suki.  I have to car shop.  I hate car shopping, particularly with such a small amount of money (thank you so much State Farm)!  I am so set on getting another Subaru but I don't know if the stars are going to align.  Sweet readers, keep your fingers crossed for me!  This will be my fourth car in a year!  I keep ending up with junkers and then the one nice car I get, it ends up totaled.  It's almost humorous.  

Being car-less for nearly a week I've had some time to kill.  That happens when you're housebound!  I made a scrapbook to celebrate my year with the boys.  

I really like this page because it shows the boy's progress on his knitting.  If you look closely above the picture you can see his very first knitting swatch!  Kids who knit rock!  

I finally tried out the Maple Pecan Pie from Post Punk Kitchen.  Before this pie, I had never tasted pecan pie.  This was pretty tasty but at eight bucks for a bag of pecans, I seriously doubt I will be making it again!  :)  

I've missed you guys so much!  What have you been up to this past week?  


  1. 4 cars in a year! Wow, Heather....I'm totally rooting for you! My Mom has had a Suburu for, gosh, something like 12 years....still going strong. So, I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for ya!
    I have State Farm, I understand ;P

    I love staying home to craft. I usually find ways not to leave the house when I can!
    We've been preparing for Halloween around here. This is our first in this house. We moved in mid November of last year, so our fun was a bit rushed with packing and such...
    Soooo....we've decided to just pretend it's Autumn already and start decorating :D

    I missed you, too,

  2. Subaru's are awesome cars. Not to mention the all wheel drive! I'm a convert. :)

    I went a bit Halloween crazy 2 years ago. I bought a ton of pictures, signs, and other decorations! Lol.

    I love Autumn. It's my favorite season. :)

    Have a great day!


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