Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bless You

Yesterday Ingrid (ferret) and I attended The Blessing of the Pets.  I've never been to such an event before.  It was interesting and entertaining.  Ingrid got A LOT of attention!  She was the only exotic among all the dogs and cats.  Everyone was super nice and wanted to pet/hold her.  Everyone except one crazy old lady who commented to her friend that it would be funny if her dog ate my ferret.  

Ingrid enjoyed posing for this photo with the Reverend who blessed her!

She even got this nifty certificate!

Next year I think I'll take my skunk.  Marigold could take that old womans' dog!  ;)  Just kidding!  


  1. Do it! The reactions will be priceless...haha!

  2. I would but Mari hates harnesses (and I don't trust her not to bite strangers who poke at her)! It would be funny though.


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