Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bless You

Yesterday Ingrid (ferret) and I attended The Blessing of the Pets.  I've never been to such an event before.  It was interesting and entertaining.  Ingrid got A LOT of attention!  She was the only exotic among all the dogs and cats.  Everyone was super nice and wanted to pet/hold her.  Everyone except one crazy old lady who commented to her friend that it would be funny if her dog ate my ferret.  

Ingrid enjoyed posing for this photo with the Reverend who blessed her!

She even got this nifty certificate!

Next year I think I'll take my skunk.  Marigold could take that old womans' dog!  ;)  Just kidding!  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cute overload!

I've been waiting with bated breath for my newest Violet bella creation to arrive...and here it is!  

I sent Miss Laura a thrift shop tee and an old sundress of mine and this is what she sent back.  I simply adore the little vintage crocheted pocket!

She places the cutest little tags on all of her creations.  


Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend In West Virginia

I visited my hometown this weekend for several reasons.  The first was to attend the Harvest Moon Festival.  My Mom, Sister and I piled in the car and headed out to the city park early Saturday morning.  We saw many things while there, but by far this was my favorite!  I don't know what these people were thinking naming their booth this:

We met up with many friends while there.  My cousin and my mother soaking up the crafty atmosphere!

I found an adorable Russian woman selling these cute little crocheted flowers for 50 cents!  I snagged three and I plan on turning them into hair clips!

I had to support a fellow knitter by buying her cute little dishcloth!

The second reason I went home was to go car shopping with my Dad.  I lucked into another Subaru!  Not a wagon but at least she has AWD, which was my major concern.  I heart Subaru's!  

Here's the vintage mid century modern sofa I snagged for a steal!  It may be vinyl but it is amazingly comfortable.  I even nap on it!  As you can see, it gets the kitty seal of approval!

I love the little festive accents!

Brightly colored dishtowels brighten my day!  

My wonderful friend Channon has been sending me lots of postal love!  This week it was a Halloween themed potholder set!  I love it.  :)  

She also sent the two soapstone owls in the front!  My Mom gave me the two seashell cuties in the back.  

Overall it was a great weekend in WV!  

Yes Virginia, there are fat people.

I'm not a small girl.  Anyone who knows me or who follows this blog knows it.  It's plain to see.  I eat fairly healthy (yes I have a Starbucks coffee addiction, but other than that) and I stay active chasing kids around all day.  For whatever reason, being slender just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me.  So I refer to myself as "Goddess shaped" or "Rubenesque" or even "curvy".  On a bad day I just think "full figured" or even "fat".  However you view me, does the word "pregnant" ever enter your mind???  Apparently for one employee at a clothing store in WV, it did!  She looked at me and said "expecting a baby aren't you?"  I looked at her with astonishment and simply replied "no". Now you would expect in such a scenario that the offender would apologize or at least have the grace to look embarrassed, right?  Not in this case!  Her response was "Oh really?"  said with derision.  DERISION.  As in "how dare you and your fat a** offend me by showing your face in my dressing room".  Wow.  Just wow.
So to the old bag in that WV dressing room I say,  screw you. I will be who I am.  I will not apologize for a single pound. Just because someone is bigger than you think they should be does not mean they aren't worthy of respect!
And to quote Queen:  "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round".  So there!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Going To Be A Bright Day!

I received my swap package from the Handmade Washcloth Swap!  She chose a soy/silk blend yarn and vegetable dyed it.  As you can see she made me a cute smiley face washcloth.  Not only that she sent along some embroidery floss and a handmade reusable "ziplock" bag!  She definitely went above and beyond!  Check out her blog over at:   

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Death Of Suki

Suki (my Subaru) has been deemed not worth repairing by the insurance company.  The body shop quoted nearly five thousand in repairs.  I don't know if everyone gets as attached to their cars as I do but I swear I feel like my puppy just died!  I've cried many tears over her and even though I said my official goodbye to her today, it just feels surreal.  So now I'm back in the same boat I was in back in December when I first got Suki.  I have to car shop.  I hate car shopping, particularly with such a small amount of money (thank you so much State Farm)!  I am so set on getting another Subaru but I don't know if the stars are going to align.  Sweet readers, keep your fingers crossed for me!  This will be my fourth car in a year!  I keep ending up with junkers and then the one nice car I get, it ends up totaled.  It's almost humorous.  

Being car-less for nearly a week I've had some time to kill.  That happens when you're housebound!  I made a scrapbook to celebrate my year with the boys.  

I really like this page because it shows the boy's progress on his knitting.  If you look closely above the picture you can see his very first knitting swatch!  Kids who knit rock!  

I finally tried out the Maple Pecan Pie from Post Punk Kitchen.  Before this pie, I had never tasted pecan pie.  This was pretty tasty but at eight bucks for a bag of pecans, I seriously doubt I will be making it again!  :)  

I've missed you guys so much!  What have you been up to this past week?  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bad News!

Thursday evening on my way home from work I got into a car accident.  It was absolutely terrifying!  My Subaru's front end is smashed up and the radiator (which I had replaced a little over a month ago) is leaking.  I'm not hurt (other than a constant headache since it happened and minor body aches).  So that's the good news.  The bad news?  The guy responsible is uninsured, so the repairs fall on me.  I have to come up with a $250 deductible and my insurance rates are going to go up. To top it all off, I don't have rental car coverage.  I'm broke so I can't just afford a rental indefinitely.  This is such a stressful situation!  I got a message from the body shop yesterday saying they estimate it will take 1 week for every 1,000 dollars of damage.  They don't have a cost estimate yet but based on my best guess, I think I may be without a car for 3 or more weeks!  Sorry to unload all this on here but I am just feeling so overwhelmed and helpless.  
So because of all of this, I may not be able to post on here as often as I would like!  Take care friends!  Drive safe and make sure you add uninsured motorists to your insurance if you don't already have it!