Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Sunday Morning In Pictures...

Spent the morning putting the final touches on my newly rearranged living room.  This "Hippies Use Backdoor No Exceptions" sign is one of my favorite possessions.  

Watered the Jade plants...

Admired my macrame owl and afghan...

Took a few snapshots of Princess Freya.  I love her eyes!

Looked over my maid of honor gift from my sister.  She made a really cute book full of pictures of the two of us.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Enjoyed a cup of's not Starbucks but it will do!

Contemplated what jewelry to wear...

Finally dressed!  Top: thrifted.  Tank and Capri's: Old Navy.  Headband: crafted by yours truly!  

Had an early lunch of moong dal and rice.  Yum!

Finished up my morning with a trip to Starbucks!  :)

What are you up to today?


  1. I love your self-portraits! You look like a 1970s domestic goddess!

  2. Thanks K! I love how the pics I take of myself turn out but when other people shoot me...EEK!

  3. What a wonderful morning! You look so cute!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day! You look so cute with your new haircut!

  5. Looks like my earlier comment dissappeared?!

    Oh well, I, too, love your outfit and cute pictures...and coffee...what's not to love about coffee..haha!

    I collected quite a bit of sea glass and was inquiring if you were interested in some? :)

  6. Hi Cameron,
    Sorry about that. My comments are moderated and I haven't been online to approve them. :)


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