Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Glimpse

My Mom knew how much I've always loved these prints...so she gave them to me!  Here they are hanging in my bedroom.  If I ever am lucky enough to become a Mom I plan on using these in the nursery!  

I can't remember where this one came from...although I do believe it was a relative's.  She sits on my vanity.  

My Mom bought these for me from a local antique shop and gave them to me for Christmas (years ago).  I'm surprised that in my house full of pets, they have survived!

I found this festive feather at the zoo last week.  Cute, right?  

My Mom made this little vase in one of her pottery classes!  


  1. I love it when you show your decor and snippets of your life :)
    That vase is awesome!


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