Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bits + Pieces

I felt inspired to do my own little "Bits + Pieces" post after reading Miss James' over at Bleubird Vintage!  

Photo 1.  A skunky hello!
2.  A feline welcome committee.
3.  Sisters!
4.  Sit a spell...
5.  Let sleeping dogs lie.
6.  Chihuly with a butterfly.
7.  Vintage pretties.
8.  Pretty Lola.
9.  Vintage and Thrift Store Goodies!
10.  Typewriter Love!
11.  Old school White sewing machine.  
12.  The Best Cat In The World.  That's right!  :)  
13.  Me.  


  1. You look so sassy in that last phot...haha! Fun pics. Lots to look at and appreciate!

    You're so welcome for the little baggy of bits. Hope you find something special to do with them :)



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