Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yard Sale Scores and Home Sneak Peaks

While out running errands this morning I stopped at a yard sale.  As much as I love yard sales, I rarely stop (usually due to a lack of cash).  However today, I was prepared!  I scored these unusual mugs for a buck.  They look vintage to me but I don't know for sure.  

I also got this twin sized bed (and a box spring) for $7!  I've needed a bed for the spare room for years.  Maybe now I will have the motivation to actually clear out the junk and turn that room into a guest room.  I need to peel off the stickers on the leg and repaint this...yay...a project!  :)  

My quilt from the thrift store.  

I used to collect cows years ago.  I have a pretty large collection.  Here are a few of my faves...

and some adorable bunny salt and pepper shakers!

Library books and sweetgrass.

Another thrift store find.  I love shelves!

Giles favorite napping spot is on the picnic basket that resides on top of the fridge!


My garden is a bit meager but I do manage to get some yummy tomatoes (sweet 100's and pears) and chili peppers!

I have a large collection of Jade plants.  For some reason they do very well for me!  I started with just one plant from an old neighbor of mine.  From that one plant, I have had over a dozen more!  

Close up of a candle holder my Mom gave me.  

Close up of one of my favorite lamps!


A close up of one of my Mom's paintings.  Can you guess what it is?

This should give it away!  :)

A lamp that I made over!  I adore this fabric!

Sunburst mirror!  

Vintage macrame owl.  He hangs on the back of my door.  He's just so festive!  

View from my living room window (as seen through my bamboo shades).

Vintage fabric.  It's actually a sheet...I use it as a couch cover sometimes.  

My "throne".  I love the detail!  


  1. I like the yard sale finds. I stopped at a yard sale the other day and saw tons of stuff you would have liked...and then I realized I had no cash. And yard sales won't take Visa. Sadness :(

  2. That's usually why I don't stop!

  3. I agree and think the mugs do look vintage, I also love the 'bit of bed' what a fun project - there is something so satisfying about re-paints, absolutely love the bunny salt shakers they are so sweet! I also really like the shelves, I always need more storage. Cute cat too :)
    arkaya ~ swapbot


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