Saturday, July 30, 2011

Magnet Mania!

Hello.  My name is Heather and I am a magnet addict.  Whole Foods, Indie craft stores, and certain websites all feed my addiction. Here are some of my favorite purchases!

Unfortunately for my cats, they know this feeling well!  ;)

Isn't this the truth?  Nothing in my house belongs to me...

Love it!

I think this "Satan" magnet is by far my favorite.  

This one says "The World Is It's Own Magic". 

Eco cuteness

I made these magnets from photos of my own pets and some magnetic backing.  This is Fiji Bunny!

Tibet, the worlds best cat!

Lola (as a puppy) with her Nylabone.  What a cutie!

Do you have any special collections?


  1. LOL!!! I love the third and fourth ones! I was laughing out loud. I collect magnets too--they're so addicting. They often say what I wish I could say out loud to SOME people......


  2. I found your blog over at Swap Bot and I'm one of your new followers. I love the magnets made out of pictures of your pets that is such a cute idea.

  3. oeh that are really nice magnets! too bad my fridge is build in the kitchen so I can't use magnets!

  4. Natalie, I agree!

    Melinda, Thanks for following me!

    Sweetest, Thank you too!

  5. Hi treehugger Melinda,
    Some great thrift store finds. I'm an American living in Ukraine and I miss American thrift stores. Some cute magnets too. Gives me some ideas. I'm following you now from S-B, Blogger Swap. Hope you'll check out my blog and follow there too.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  6. Hi Coleen,
    Actually my name is Heather, not Melinda. :)
    Living in Ukraine sounds exciting! Do you like it there?


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