Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lazy Saturday...

I just adore Saturday's.  I love waking up early (without the aid of an alarm clock) and being able to lounge in bed with a cup of tea.

The weekend's also give me the opportunity to catch up on my correspondence.  I got this lovely letter sealed with wax.  It's so old fashioned and festive to seal letters with wax.  I would like to be able to do this.  Maybe I should put a wax seal kit on my wish list?

I caught Spike napping in my favorite chair.  He was sitting up like a little man!  

So cute!

My sister is here for the weekend.  We have big plans to hit the thrift stores tomorrow!  We stopped at a yard sale today and I scored a vintage nightie in pink and a really cute cat themed sheet (sadly just the bottom sheet).  
What are you all doing with your weekend?


  1. the weekend is the best part of the week!!!

    I am from swap-bot I follow you know! gonna read more on your blog!

    Greetz niki

  2. Thanks for following me! :)
    I agree, weekends are the best.


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