Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crafty Thrifty Weekend

I've been feeling inspired by all the lovely ladies who upcycle and thought I'd try my hand at it (again...last time didn't go so well)!  I had a couple of Old Navy rejects that I haven't worn  in years that I thought would be perfect for  this project.  I started with a "I Hug Trees" t-shirt and a floral print sundress.  With a few snips here and some stitches there, I had a brand new dress!

I love yarn, knitting, and anything in between! So when I found a Nifty Knitter I whipped up a cute flowery hair clip!

My sister and I went on a massive thrift store trip this morning.  I found so many wonderful things!  I adore this festive lap afghan.  It's perfect over the back of my sofa!

Technically, I found this yesterday at a yard sale.  Such a cute, old fashioned nightie!  When I tried it on today, I totally wanted to sit at my antique vanity and powder my nose (all while wearing high heels, of course)!  So glam!  :)  

A simple summery top.  Doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it's really cute on...

My favorite find of the day (I have to credit Kelly for this one).  She held it up and said "This looks something like you would's very 'dirty hippie'!"  She was right...I love love love it!  

It's a bit too large but I think cinching it with a big belt solves that problem!

More thrifty finds!  A playful pair of polka dot Keds and some really comfy p.j. bottoms...

I can't pass up cute sheets.  This one is just adorable with all these naughty kittens!

Floral patterned top sheets...

A lovely sweater for the winter months!

I am an absolute sucker for vintage kitchen pieces.  I think this is the cutest little cake stand!

I saw many adorable purses (even a Gucci for only $15) but I had to limit myself to just one.  This brightly colored bag had my name written all over it!  

Found any good thrifted items recently?  


  1. Heya hunny bee!! This is Ichigoshortcake from swapbot!! I love thrift shopping! You can find so many cute things really cheap ne!!! xx

  2. just loving your new dress you made and all of your new finds.

    bluecrayons at swap-bot

  3. I love your blog, just my cup of tea :) I particularly like your kitty sheet and cupcake stand find - very good. The best things I got recently were a cute leopard print top for only £1 and a vintage tin toy blimp :D
    arkaya ~ swapbot

  4. Thanks girls! :)

    Jess, those sound like great thrifty finds! :)

  5. What wonderful things you found. I wish I could find clothing at my thrift stores; they're only good for craft supplies.
    Alaundra from swapbot

  6. Found a couple of things over my vacation including a ceramic log cabin planter that I think will look cute with succulents planted in it :)

  7. Lani, I've only recently started looking in the clothing section. I think the trick is to check back weekly! :)
    Cameron, that sounds awesome! I'd love to see a picture, once you get it planted!


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