Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crafty Thrifty Weekend

I've been feeling inspired by all the lovely ladies who upcycle and thought I'd try my hand at it (again...last time didn't go so well)!  I had a couple of Old Navy rejects that I haven't worn  in years that I thought would be perfect for  this project.  I started with a "I Hug Trees" t-shirt and a floral print sundress.  With a few snips here and some stitches there, I had a brand new dress!

I love yarn, knitting, and anything in between! So when I found a Nifty Knitter I whipped up a cute flowery hair clip!

My sister and I went on a massive thrift store trip this morning.  I found so many wonderful things!  I adore this festive lap afghan.  It's perfect over the back of my sofa!

Technically, I found this yesterday at a yard sale.  Such a cute, old fashioned nightie!  When I tried it on today, I totally wanted to sit at my antique vanity and powder my nose (all while wearing high heels, of course)!  So glam!  :)  

A simple summery top.  Doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it's really cute on...

My favorite find of the day (I have to credit Kelly for this one).  She held it up and said "This looks something like you would's very 'dirty hippie'!"  She was right...I love love love it!  

It's a bit too large but I think cinching it with a big belt solves that problem!

More thrifty finds!  A playful pair of polka dot Keds and some really comfy p.j. bottoms...

I can't pass up cute sheets.  This one is just adorable with all these naughty kittens!

Floral patterned top sheets...

A lovely sweater for the winter months!

I am an absolute sucker for vintage kitchen pieces.  I think this is the cutest little cake stand!

I saw many adorable purses (even a Gucci for only $15) but I had to limit myself to just one.  This brightly colored bag had my name written all over it!  

Found any good thrifted items recently?  

Giveaway Winner!

Well folks,  I've finally reached 50 followers (yay)!  Now as promised, the Warm and Fuzzy Giveaway!  As I mentioned before I am giving the winner the option of a scarf (for winter) or a set of dish/washcloths.  :)  
The winner was selected using a random number generator.  Ok...enough stalling!  The winner is: Dana over at Saturday Mornings!  Dana, please contact me with your color choice and address.  :)  

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lazy Saturday...

I just adore Saturday's.  I love waking up early (without the aid of an alarm clock) and being able to lounge in bed with a cup of tea.

The weekend's also give me the opportunity to catch up on my correspondence.  I got this lovely letter sealed with wax.  It's so old fashioned and festive to seal letters with wax.  I would like to be able to do this.  Maybe I should put a wax seal kit on my wish list?

I caught Spike napping in my favorite chair.  He was sitting up like a little man!  

So cute!

My sister is here for the weekend.  We have big plans to hit the thrift stores tomorrow!  We stopped at a yard sale today and I scored a vintage nightie in pink and a really cute cat themed sheet (sadly just the bottom sheet).  
What are you all doing with your weekend?

Magnet Mania!

Hello.  My name is Heather and I am a magnet addict.  Whole Foods, Indie craft stores, and certain websites all feed my addiction. Here are some of my favorite purchases!

Unfortunately for my cats, they know this feeling well!  ;)

Isn't this the truth?  Nothing in my house belongs to me...

Love it!

I think this "Satan" magnet is by far my favorite.  

This one says "The World Is It's Own Magic". 

Eco cuteness

I made these magnets from photos of my own pets and some magnetic backing.  This is Fiji Bunny!

Tibet, the worlds best cat!

Lola (as a puppy) with her Nylabone.  What a cutie!

Do you have any special collections?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy Giveaway!

Some of my older followers may remember that I was doing a scarf giveaway once I reached 50 followers.  It's been a long time coming, but I am finally getting close!  Given that it is the middle of summer I will give the winner the option of a handknit scarf or a set of handknit dish/washcloths.  So only 2 more followers until the drawing!  Remember, you must be a follower and you must comment on the original post found here.  

A Good Day

I lucked into a free haircut at Lucky 13 this morning.  I love the word "free", don't you?  I wasn't interested in anything drastic because I'm attempting to grow my hair out (long enough for cute braids).  So I had the layers touched up and I got some cute Betty Page-ish bangs.  These are shorter than I normally go but I like it.  Plus, my bangs grow at an abnormally fast rate so shorter means less trips to the salon for touch ups!  

Any trip to High Street calls for a visit to Pattycake Vegan Bakery!  I got my favorite: the ho ho cupcake and a orange glazed cinnamon roll.  Yum!  

I also stopped by Goodwill.  I found three cute shirts (one of which I'm hoping to either attempt to upcycle into a festive dress or pay my favorite artist (Violetbella) to do it for me.  I love her clothes.  This is what I want done to my shirt:

It's been a great Sunday so far.  In a few hours I'm meeting up with a friend of mine to see Water For Elephants at the cheap theater.  I've totally slacked on my chores at home but everyone deserves a lazy weekend now and again, right?  :) What do you plan to do with the rest of yours?  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yard Sale Scores and Home Sneak Peaks

While out running errands this morning I stopped at a yard sale.  As much as I love yard sales, I rarely stop (usually due to a lack of cash).  However today, I was prepared!  I scored these unusual mugs for a buck.  They look vintage to me but I don't know for sure.  

I also got this twin sized bed (and a box spring) for $7!  I've needed a bed for the spare room for years.  Maybe now I will have the motivation to actually clear out the junk and turn that room into a guest room.  I need to peel off the stickers on the leg and repaint this...yay...a project!  :)  

My quilt from the thrift store.  

I used to collect cows years ago.  I have a pretty large collection.  Here are a few of my faves...

and some adorable bunny salt and pepper shakers!

Library books and sweetgrass.

Another thrift store find.  I love shelves!

Giles favorite napping spot is on the picnic basket that resides on top of the fridge!


My garden is a bit meager but I do manage to get some yummy tomatoes (sweet 100's and pears) and chili peppers!

I have a large collection of Jade plants.  For some reason they do very well for me!  I started with just one plant from an old neighbor of mine.  From that one plant, I have had over a dozen more!  

Close up of a candle holder my Mom gave me.  

Close up of one of my favorite lamps!


A close up of one of my Mom's paintings.  Can you guess what it is?

This should give it away!  :)

A lamp that I made over!  I adore this fabric!

Sunburst mirror!  

Vintage macrame owl.  He hangs on the back of my door.  He's just so festive!  

View from my living room window (as seen through my bamboo shades).

Vintage fabric.  It's actually a sheet...I use it as a couch cover sometimes.  

My "throne".  I love the detail!