Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lovely Day!

It's a beautiful day today!  Last night I went to sleep to the sound of a thunderstorm and this morning I woke up to the sunshine!  I love this time of year.  :)

Now that Spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence, I will be spending more time on my porch.  I love sitting out there in my vintage lawn chair, sipping some cold lemonade, and knitting.  It's so relaxing and always nice and shady thanks to the maple trees. I enjoy watching the family of squirrels frolicking above my head and listening to the birds sing.  It's great.  My little piece of country in the city.  

Zoe was such a sleepy girl last night.  I love when she curls up into the smallest possible position and then starts snoring!  She's adorable.  I never would've guessed that this neurotic puppy pound mutt would turn into such a fantastic companion.  I think back to our early years (reminiscent of Marley from Marley and Me) and how I pondered returning her to the shelter.  I'm so glad I didn't!  We worked out our kinks and now we're the best of friends!  :)

What's a blog post without a few vintage pics thrown in for fun, right?  Lol.  My Mom gave me this kitty (and another, they came as a set) many Christmas's ago.  I simply adore them!  They currently reside in my bedroom (which is off limits to my real felines).  In a house full of cats, you can't be too careful when it comes to your precious breakables!  

I bought this redwork towel at a antique store years ago.  I love all the beautiful detail that went into this!  It's such a cheery really makes a festive statement in my small kitchen!  


  1. I can't wait to spend time on the porch too!

  2. Your porch sounds dreamy!

    I look forward to having a chance to become some Pound Puppy's best friend....we plan to adopt this fall.....
    Zoe is so cute!


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