Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday was World Wide Knit In Public Day.  I celebrated by meeting up with with a friend for knitting in a coffee shop.  I got quite a bit accomplished on my silly scarf!  

Afterwards, we headed out to grab a bite to eat.  On the way we stopped in a vintage shop.  I convinced the owner to sell my this cute little pillow, even though it wasn't for sale!  

My sister arrived for a quick visit today.  She got me this cute little notepad from Japan.  While she was on her honeymoon they visited  
Wakayama Electric Railway and saw Tama, the famous 

stationmaster cat!

 This guy might not be famous, but I love him anyway!  Gabriel says hello to all my lovely readers!  :)


  1. Hello back at ya', Gabriel...such a cute little flame point he is!

    Your scarf is turning out so cute!

  2. I always thought he looked like he had some Siamese in him but wasn't sure. I know his Mommy wasn't but maybe his Dad was.

  3. He looks it in the pics...perhaps pop was :)


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