Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I came home from my parent's house on Monday.  It was a long drive and I was happy to pull up to my place and see my welcoming committee of cats in the window!

I discovered many wonderful surprises in the garden.  My peony plant that I transplanted nearly 3 years ago finally bloomed!  I can't believe how pretty it is!  My other peony bushes look nothing like this beauty.  I'm looking forward to next spring...hopefully she will have more than one flower!

My sweet 100's are finally making tomatoes!!!  I think these are some of my favorite tiny and perfect! 

My chili peppers are looking good as well!  Hopefully this year I get more than 3 of my plant!!

Check out these adorable vintage canisters I found while visiting my hometown!  I'm so psyched because I saw some of these here in Cbus and they were extremely pricey.  I scored these babies for only sixteen bucks!

I love this old enamelware dishpan!  

I love old Melmac plates.  These were freebies!

My Mom also loaned/gave (unsure) me her retro formica topped table.  I love this table.  It's a light gray with very bright colorful flowers on it.  It really sets the mood in my breakfast nook!  I will post photos when I have it looking the way I want!  


  1. i love the mushroom canisters you found the other day! and that suitcase is adorable! about my beads, bella is too lazy to play with them, ha ha. so i cant speak for your 6, they are probably more rambunctios than she is :)

  2. Ahh thanks! Those canisters and that suitcase are some of my fave vintage finds! Oh and the chair we share in common too. It's so comfortable! Yeah, I have one kitten so I don't think beads would stand a chance. Lol.


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