Monday, June 13, 2011

Fabric Fun

I'm going on a week long camping retreat soon and I wanted to do something to make my campsite a little more festive.  Last night I sat down with various fabrics and made this cute banner!  I plan on stringing it around my EZ UP shelter.  

Here's a close up of the three different fabrics I used.  I had a great time breaking in my first pair of pinking shears!  :)

After that I went out to the garden and harvested some lovely leaf lettuce!  I had to battle the ants and a few other creepy crawlies but in the end, I won!  ;)

This morning I woke up in the mood to cook.  So I got out the waffle iron and Vegan With A Vengeance and made these yummy lemon corn waffles with blueberry sauce.  All I can say is YUM!  

I actually sat at the table for the first time in years!  It was quite enjoyable.  Of course Gabriel thought he should be allowed to lounge on the other end while I ate my breakfast.  Silly cat!  
I was reading some random decorating book while I enjoyed my food and for some reason I just started crying.  No reason at all...just something I read in the book about how the home you live in and raise your family in, should be your dream home because it's been through all your ups and downs with you.  Sentimental stuff and it totally set me off!  Sometimes being a hormonal girl is pretty funny...


  1. That banner is really pretty. I like the old-fashioned looking pink floral fabric with the butterflies.

    And is that waffle one of those low calorie recipes? It looks tasty.

  2. Your home is so you....beautiful, quirky, hormonal, animal Mom you! I think you've succeeded in making your dream home a reality :)

    That waffle does look yummy.....and I can't get enough banners these days...haha! Love that you'll be using it camping!

  3. Thanks Kel. I've had that butterfly fabric for years!
    I don't think the waffle is low cal. It was in Vegan with a Vengeance. Here's a link to the recipe if you'd like to give it a try:

    *I've never made it with soy milk. I've used almond and coconut milks...both worked well!*

  4. Cameron, Thank you! You are such a sweetie!


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