Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Bee!

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I was in full on project mode.  I started my day by finally putting my strawberry pot to good use.  

I assembled a collection of various herbs including rosemary, chocolate mint, tri color sage, mother of thyme, and lemon balm. 

Here's the completed pot.  This was my first time using a strawberry pot and I had some difficulties.  Most of my plants were too big for the tiny holes on the side.  I had to seperate the mint and lemon balms just to get them to fit.  I'm hoping that after my manhandling, they all survive!  

There wasn't room for the sage so I put it in it's own pot.  Probably a good idea since sage tends to grow pretty large.  

After that I took advantage of a friend's offer to pick strawberries at her house.  These berries are so delicious!  I want to make something but at this rate I will have them all eaten within a day or two!  Thanks Megan!  

Last night I was in a crafty mood.  So I whipped out the items needed to make a dreamcatcher.  

First I used ribbon to make a star shape in the center of the grapevine wreath.  I also strung a few wooden beads to fancy things up a bit.  

Finished up by hot gluing some festive feathers and added some dangling beads and a feather at the bottom.  

Not a traditional looking dreamcatcher, but I like it and that's what counts!  :)


  1. I love how you used the pot :) And those strawberries look DELICOUS!!

  2. Thanks. I bought that pot thinking I'd one day plant strawberries in it. But my yard is way too shady for berries. So...herbs....the next best thing! :)

  3. Your dream catcher is huge!!! Yeah, it doesn't look like the conventional dream catcher but I'm quite sure it'll catch the most number of bad dreams due to its size! :)

  4. Having herbs in the garden always makes me feel like cooking more...haha! They look perfect in that pot :)

  5. Vivi, I hadn't thought of it like that! :) The grapevine wreath is only about 9 inches but for some reason the dreamcatcher looks really huge in the pics!

    Cameron, Thanks! I do plan on using them in my cooking. I've been trying to find good recipes that utilize chocolate mint.


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