Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning Discovery

Pat and I stumbled upon an old graveyard this morning on our way to get breakfast.  We decided to get out our cameras and do a little exploring!  It's one of the oldest cemeteries in Central Ohio.  

In 1931 a 26 foot tall obelisk was erected telling the history of this cemetery. 
 "This ancient burial ground of Central Ohio was established in a bend of the Scioto River in 1799 and is known as "Old Franklinton Cemetery". The pioneers buried here are about one hundred in number. Seventy-one graves are marked largely by sandstone slabs, many having elaborately carved drawings and quaint inscriptions. Here also is buried at least one soldier of the American Revolution, Reverend Seth Noble, first minister of the frontier town. In 1811 the first church in the community, Presbyterian, was erected by Lucas Sullivant, the founder of Franklinton, upon the present burial grounds. Sullivant himself was buried here in 1824, but his remains were moved to Green Lawn Cemetery years later". 

I enjoyed the use of "consort" on this gravestone.  My Dad told me it was just another word for "wife".  I was thinking  she was his mistress.  So Dad  totally rained on my parade!  

Graveyards creep me out a little bit.  I don't like the idea of walking over the dead.  Hhmmm...another reason I want to be cremated!  

Lovely little poem I found on one of the crumbling gravestones and on this sign as well.

Some men from the Revolutionary War were buried here.

Um...wife?  At age 11?  Hello dirty old man!  

Inscription found on the obelisk.

The original stone is lying on the ground and practically indecipherable.  

What did you do with your Sunday?

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