Sunday, May 8, 2011

Retro Lamp DIY

I inherited a hideous old brass looking lamp from a friend recently.  Instead of throwing it out I decided to give it a makeover.  First I started with a couple of coats of orange gloss spray paint.

Make sure to collect all the items you will need!  I used Krylon Fusion Spray Paint, a retro looking sheer fabric, orange ball fringe, and a hot glue gun.

Start hot gluing the fabric to the lamp shade.  Be careful not to get a 2nd degree burn on your finger like I did!  Ouch!  Continue gluing until you have both the top and bottom done.  Make sure to pull the fabric tight so that it stays nice and smooth!

This is how it should look when you're done!

Now comes the fun part!  Glue on the ball fringe around the bottom of the lamp shade.  If you have kitties, make sure to lock them in the bathroom so they wont attack your fringe and undo all your hard work!

...and we're done!  Enjoy your festive new lamp!  :)


  1. I knew you'd find something awesome to do with that fringe! Yay!

  2. What is the name of the fabric and where did you get it please


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