Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Giles!

Giles is a handsome black and white boy with startling green eyes.  He's always been lovable but recently he's become a bit strange.  He's earned the nickname of "bipolar boy".  One moment he's sweet and the next he's lashing out at any cat in his vicinity.  When he gets in his "moods" the only cure is to let him go outside.  He always comes back in feeling much better!  

He enjoys finding unusual places to rest.  One of his favorite places is on top of the fridge.  When he discovered a package of paper towels in his spot, he improvised!  I love this silly cat!  :)  


  1. haha- oh no, I lived with a bipolar cat once! I'm still scarred (literally)

  2. His eyes are a wonder! I love that black spot on his nose, too...

    Cute picture...funny kitty!

  3. Meri, Luckily he's never mean to me...just the other kitties!

    Cameron, He does have a cute nose! :)


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