Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Am I the only one who finds dandelions beautiful?  Such a cheerful little weed!  

My yard is covered in violets! Simply lovely. If this rain would stop maybe I could finally mow!  Until then I will enjoy these delicate beauties!

I really enjoy the color of this tree in my front yard.  Too bad it's so short lived!

Random vegan pizza I made for lunch yesterday.  There's nothing like a homemade crust!  :)  


  1. Mmmmm, who needs regular pizza with that yummy looking one?

  2. That pizza looks yummy!!! I wish we were still getting more rain...nothing like the smell of a morning after a rain, fresh and crisp :)

  3. I agree...however I feel like it's been raining non stop this whole month! Lol.


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