Sunday, April 10, 2011


Zoe (pinhole photo)

Tibet (pop art photo)

Tree (fisheye photo)

Front Yard (pinhole photo)

Fun Bun

Feet and Freaks 

Now that I have my camera I'm feeling completely uninspired to take pictures!  I'm sure it will the meantime I made myself do a few test shots.  I really enjoy that the camera has a setting just for pet now my little furry friends are no longer a blur of fur!  :)  I may finally be able to get some good shots of Marigold.  That skunk HATES cameras!  :)  She's notorious for turning away at the exact right second.  
I love the Pop Art option.  I think Tibet looks super cute in that pic.  The fisheye and pinhole are fun too...although I don't know how often I will use fisheye.  It is not a good idea to take a pic of yourself using fisheye.  That was a scary experience!  Hahaha!  


  1. Horay for the new camera!! It always fun to learn all the things it can do :) Having that setting for pets is awesome!! I could use that!

  2. Haha- yeah I don't want to see myself in "fisheye" either. Unless maybe I have my beer goggles on as well :)

  3. I have a Sports setting that I call the kids and pets setting...blur blows...haha!

    Is that scene outside your house? It is dreamy and so beautiful! Keep snappin' away :)

  4. That's a pic of my front yard! Thanks!

  5. That long doggie muzzle of ZoZo is waiting for a kiss from Auntie Ashley! I miss you Zoe!


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