Monday, April 11, 2011

Sew What?

Curtain for my closet

Close up of the Goddess flag

Goddess Flag

I spent yesterday in front of my sewing machine!  I finally (after 2.5 years) made a curtain for my door-less closet!  It's so nice to not see the disorganized mess every time I walk into my room.  :) 

I had some leftover material from the curtain so I made a cute little Goddess banner!  I plan to make more and string them all together (like prayer flags) and use them to decorate my campsite when I go on my retreat this summer.  


  1. Very pretty! I'm glad you finally have a curtain.

  2. Great way to hide clutter :)& love the flag too!

  3. should consider selling those fantastic banners!!! I totally want one! Hey, I want one of those fabric sandwich wrappers, too, while I'm asking for things!! Haha!

    Fancy a trade, perhaps?

  4. Cameron, That sounds like fun! I'd enjoy a trade. :)

  5. Please email me...we'll get the ball rollin'...haha!




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