Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kid At Heart!

Sometimes I think I am not a normal 35 year old!  I am a real kid at heart.  I love stuffed animals, dolls and kids books.  Here's my small collection of stuffed animals (my Mom keeps urging me to come collect all my childhood toys from her garage...guess I should).  Freddy is the bear on the left.  Freddy has been with me for 30 years or so.  He was my favorite childhood toy and he still reigns as supreme stuffed bear on the bed.  Haha!  Beside him is Spooky the felt cat.  I got him at the camping retreat I go to every summer.  He was labelled as "Your Familiar Away From Home"...or some such thing.  A play on the witches familiars.  Cute cat don't you think?
On the left is Ellie the Elephant...I believe I picked her up on a trip to Columbus Zoo many years ago.  Mr. Knit-ly is the little owl that I knitted based on a pattern I found in a children's knitting book.  There's Fluffy the rabbit on the right....I don't know where this guy came from but I imagine it was probably from my Mom.  

 Last but not least is my newest little friend...Moxie!  She's an UglyDoll.  I think she is so precious and very cuddly!

I love her turned in feet and her yellow teeth and her beady eyes!  A monster after my own heart!


  1. She is cute in a "ugly" way :) I still have some of my favorite stuffed animals too :)

  2. I think my Daughter will keep a cherished collection like you....she can part with so many other toys...but LOVES each and every one of her stuffed Friends :)

    Moxie sure is cute!

  3. I still have my Rainbow Brite, Cabbage Patch Kid, My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes at my Mom's house! ;)


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