Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crafty Swap!

The lovely Miss Cameron over at Paint Myself Pretty suggested that we do a craft swap!  It was so much fun...and my first swap with a fellow blogger.  I adore her cute little stuffed owls that she makes so she sent me "Fiddlestix"!  As an extra surprise she made "Twiggy" the Cat.  These two guys are so adorable, don't you think?  

She also included this beautiful card.  This kitty totally reminds me of my Miss Freya!  

There was also some awesome fabric in the package.  I can't wait to use these!

Little trinket bags with owls stamped on them:  

Cameron really liked my Goddess Flags so I made this one for her.  I used a striped background fabric and a starry fabric for the Goddess.

Her daughter loves critters so I made her a couple of reusable sandwich/snack sacks.  

Swaps are so much fun!  :)


  1. Yay! Those 2 look like they were meant for your bed! They fit in so nicely...that makes me so happy!!

    As for my goodies...thank you soooo much!
    Every bit as wonderful as I envisioned! ...and now I'm even happier...teehee!

  2. My big dumb dog thought that Fiddlestix was a toy and I'm sad to say he got partially mauled when I wasn't home! Poor owl friend! :( I can't believe she did that...she's a good dog...usually!

    Glad you like the things I sent. I wasn't sure about the bee fabric but I thought I'd give it a shot. There's something else in there for your daughter! Hope she likes it!

  3. Oh no :(

    Probably smelled like cats (at least, different from yours anyways...) Perhaps you can patch him back up?

    I'll keep a look out for the package...yes, the cat fabric is right on target....I'm sure she'll like the bees, too!
    She's going to be sooo excited to use those bags for her lunch when she starts Kindergarten :)

  4. Yeah, I'm going to sew a little patch on his tummy. I think he will look cute. He will just look well loved! :)


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