Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blooms and Butterflies

I took the boy to Franklin Park Conservatory today.  I just love the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit!  We saw so many different types of butterflies.  This guy was HUGE! 

Butterflies drying their wings...
 Beautiful blue butterfly...
 Pretty striped and spotted wings!

Glass sculpture 

 The boy with the koi!

Butterfly on my finger!



  1. Fun! Is that Chihuly glass sculptures? I've seen his work in Minneapolis and Arizona, it looks like that!
    Fun day :)

  2. How fun! So many beautiful photos!

  3. Gorgeous! I especially adore Lady Slipper Orchids!

    It looks like the boy (and you!) had a wonderful time :)

  4. Meri, It is Chihuly! So beautiful!

    Cameron and Trisha, Thanks!


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