Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm so unbelievably ready for my week long camping trip.  Sadly it's not til the end of June!  Until then I can continue stockpiling my camping goodies and looking at camping eye candy!

I love this beautiful tent!  Doesn't this look like the perfect camping spot?

Another beautiful photo!  I'm hoping I'm lucky enough to get to camp under a tree this year!

As much as I adore wildlife, I sincerely hope I don't wake up to this!  :)  

Several years ago I went camping with my sister.  We had a good time despite soooo many things going wrong with our campsite!  The tent collapsed, the shelter collapsed, our camping area flooded, and we had to share our food with hoards of ants!  Lol.  Good times.  ;)

I think that experience is why I'm so gung-ho on buying or borrowing so many camping supplies this year!  My new cabin tent puts my old one (seen above) to shame.  My only concern is I wont be able to set it up!  It seems complicated and I'm not very good putting things together.  I will have to do a practice run I suppose!  

I ordered a camp oven yesterday!  So now I will be able to bake cookies, muffins, or even make a  casserole in the great outdoors!  

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