Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did I fall asleep in a field of flowers?'s just my cleaning products!

Yesterday was a great day for cleaning.  I have to be in a "mood" in order to clean.  Trust me, this mood doesn't strike often!  So when it does, I go with it!  
I recently started using Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.  I started with the lavender dish soap.  Love it!   Then I moved on to the honeysuckle countertop spray.  It smells divine.  I used it in the morning, went out for several hours, and when I came home my house still smelled like honeysuckle!  

I wanted to show off my adorable canisters A sent me last month.  They totally remind me of my Mom's kitchen back in the early 90's.  

When I opened my kitchen curtains, I had a pleasant surprise!  My African Violet had several blooms on it!  :)  I love when my plants are happy!  
I also cleaned Fiji's cage.  He's so silly...whenever I clean his cage he immediately has to "rearrange" his things.  :)


  1. I might have to try those cleaning products! Of course, I have so much going on in the fragrance department with plug-ins and candles and aroma melts :)

    My Mom's guinea pigs do the same thing like they're saying "Why does she insist on putting our hay in that rectangular thingy...we like it so much better here on the sawdust!"

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. They are really great! I haven't even tried the whole line yet.

    Notice Fiji's hay is on the floor of his cage. He doesn't like using the hay bin either!

  3. I still love those canisters....


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