Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

To those who know me well, it's no surprise that I love all things vintage! Particularly when it comes to household items. My home is full of antique furniture, tablecloths from the 1940's and 50's, and as many vintage dishes as my cupboards can hold. These are two of my favorite pieces. The little boy/girl vase has been in my family for years. I'm not really sure where my mom found it but when I went away to college this vase went with me. Throughout my dorm years it served as a pencil holder on my desk. Now it has a place of honor on my vanity table. In the summer months it holds fresh flowers from the garden. Beside it stands an old mirror I found on a recent trip to my favorite antique store. It's ornately decorated with flowers, bows, and ribbon. So pretty! I toyed briefly with the idea of painting it but then decided I like it best the way it is!

I love houseplants! It's difficult in a house full of cats! I've lost many plants to mischievous felines over the years. I even lost my treasured (and very very old) snake plant to my pet skunk! I've slowly learned, mainly through trial and error, what types of plants are sturdy enough to survive life in my home. Jade plants are very hardy and have managed to thrive despite being knocked to the floor time and again! My African Violet and Ponytail plant are also hearty contenders. Despite many attempts at keeping spider plants alive, I have continuously failed. They are obviously far too tempting! Despite my misgivings (and yes I know they are poisonous) I have this lovely Philodendron. I keep this baby in my room (off limits to the kitties)! I plan on hanging it soon. I just love the way they trail!
One of my favorite prints by Edward Robert Hughes...it reminds me to look for the magic in my life!
Of course, my home would not be complete without Ms. Zoe! We've had a crazy ride over the past five years. There were many times that first year that I really wanted to take her back to the pound. We just didn't seem to click. She had intense separation anxiety, she wasn't fully potty trained (even though she was 9 months when I got her), and she had some really nasty habits involving the cat's litter box! Despite it all, I stuck with her determined to make it work. It definitely paid off because she has become a wonderful companion. That's not to say that she doesn't still have occasional slip ups but overall she's come a long way!
She even has her very own song that I made up for her! It's quite catchy if I do say so myself! Do you ever make up little ditties for your animal friends? :)


  1. I have to laugh at making up little songs! I've done this forever & my husband always makes fun of me :) Now my girls do it too.
    And that vase is so pretty. I love that color!

  2. I think it's cute! :) Zoe loves when I sing her song to her. She acts all silly and sweet!

  3. Whoa! Zoe and my dog Tyler look a lot alike! He is also from a shelter and has the same issues you mentioned. He still eats the cat poop...yuck... but I love him!

  4. I think Zoe and Tyler are doggie soul mates! Lol. Zoe still enjoys the occasional "cat box treat" as well. :P


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