Saturday, February 12, 2011

Say Cheese!

I'm in desperate need of a new camera. My old one is temperamental and has her quirks. Now I don't judge anyone for being quirky, heck I'm quirky, but when it becomes next to impossible to take a pic I have to draw the line. Ya know? So what kind of camera should I get? I'm not really that savvy when it comes to cameras! I do know that I love cameras that take fisheye photos like this one:
Fun camera but do I really want to mess with 35 mm?


  1. I wish I had advice- but I'm totally clueless. I just like to look around and play with other peoples' cameras!

  2. I had a quirky one as well. This xmas I was lucky enough to recieve a hand-me-down camera from my brother-in-law whose a photographer. Its a Canon Power Shot G7. I LOVE it!!! It takes amazing photos.


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