Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Legged Friday

This week I'd like to officially introduce you to Spike and Drusilla. They are brother and sister and named after two characters from Buffy. They have such soft, long fur!

Drusilla is the braver of the two. Nothing seems to faze her. I recently bought them both cute collars with bells. Dru loves hers but Spike was terrified by his!
The kittens are super friendly! They love to cuddle with everyone.

Spike and Drusilla love being together. They used to cry whenever they were separated and wouldn't calm down until reunited!

Kittens are the best! :) What's your favorite animal?


  1. They are just TOO CUTE!!! I just love when they're kittens :) My favorite animal? Its a tie between dogs & cats. Depends on the day..and which one is being a stinker!

  2. haha- what creative names! Love it!

  3. Kittens are great. I just love when they're all tummy and paws! IMO super furry kitties are the best! :)


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