Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Cut Above

Yesterday I decided it was past time for a haircut so I went to my favorite salon: Lucky 13. It was a busy day so I had quite a wait but as usual it was totally worth it. I went in thinking I wanted a shag cut with Bettie Page style bangs. After talking with my stylist (also named Heather!) we decided that my hair is too thin to really do the Bettie Page justice. So she gave me "Bettie Page tribute bangs". I think they're cute and will definitely force me to keep up with my eyebrows! My only complaint...which is always my only that I seem incapable of styling my hair like they do at the salon. I always walk out feeling like a rock star but once I wash it I am at a loss as to how to recreate the look. My stylist gives me all kinds of pointers and yet when it comes to doing my own hair I am all thumbs!
I'll just have to keep trying. :)


  1. Yea! I love getting my haircut, it feels so refreshing.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I know, right?! I don't even try anymore...haha!

    Your hair does look great, though....worth the effort of keeping at it I'd say :)

  3. Oh thanks. :) I bought a hairdryer with a concentrator (which is what my stylist used on me)...we'll see if that helps!

  4. I love hair cuts! I wish I could pull off hair is just to wispy. Sigh.

  5. Stephanie, I have very thin wispy hair too. They make my bangs work by pulling hair from further back on my head and cutting that with my existing bangs...which thickens them up a bit. :)

  6. Love the bangs!! I think they look pretty darn cute on you! :)


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