Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Camping We Will Go!

I'm getting excited over my yearly camping trip! Last year I missed so that makes this year even more special. The other day I was aimlessly googling and I found that the tent I bought last year had horrible reviews. I don't fancy the idea of using this tent now so I did my homework and found a great tent! It's a cabin tent (which means we will be able to stand upright) and my favorite part is the HINGED door! My biggest pet peeve about tents has always been zipping and unzipping the door. So problem solved! Also this lovely tent is huge and it has the ability to be divided in half, making two rooms, if I so desire. Here she is...the Coleman Max 8 person cabin tent!

I'm not exactly sure why but I love cooking outdoors! I think it's the challenge of making a delicious meal in challenging conditions. Now I don't cook over a campfire or anything like that. I have a propane cookstove. I guess by challenging I mean trying to make dal without insects flying into the pot! ;) This year I would LOVE to have this glorious camp kitchen! No, it's not a necessity but it sure would make my life a little easier!


  1. We go camping every year....even did 2 8 week cross country excurions the 2 years after we were married.....Southern states one year, Northern the next.

    Food tastes so much better when you're camping! Probably after all the activities of the day, and the steps involved in putting together a lovely meal on a 2 burner build up such a big appetite :)

    Then there's the dishes....aaaargh!

  2. The good thing about being the cook is you don't have to do the dishes! That's for the people who didn't cook. Lol.


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