Monday, January 31, 2011

We're smack dab in the middle of winter...

The weatherman is calling for more crappy weather this week. Boo! So I'm surrounding myself with photos from last summer! Take that, Winter!!!

This little beauty was my first attempt at a succulent container garden. It was so cute however my cat's didn't think so. This baby only lasted a month before it met it's maker! The kitties think that any plant sitting in a windowsill looks so much better in a heap on the floor!

This is my next door neighbor's pear tree! Have you ever seen such adorable tiny pears? Too bad we didn't get to eat any of them. Thanks to the deer!
Violets gone wild!
Sage. So pretty to look at and yummy to eat!
Pretty flowers...

Caladium...I just love these beauties!
Last of all, my (not so) little spider friend who built her web amongst my tomato plants! I miss her! She was the largest spider I've ever seen in my garden!


  1. We're getting quite the snowfall today- your pictures give me hope!

  2. Snow...yuck! I'm sorry! I think we're getting a snow/sleet/freezing rain mix tonight and tomorrow. That will be a fun commute in the morning! :)


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