Friday, January 28, 2011

Cedar Point

I spent many years working at Cedar Point when I was a college student. It was such a fantastic experience! Now I enjoy an occasional weekend playing in the park as a guest!
One Saturday morning my friend Pat and I headed to Sandusky for a Cedar Point employee reunion. Here we are entering the causeway.
One of the first rides to greet us upon arrival was the Demon Drop.
Pat and I being goofy!
Ariel view of CP:
Power Tower. I really enjoy this ride. Especially the side that drops you suddenly!
The corkscrew. One of my least favorite coasters. However I do think it makes a nice picture!


  1. I love Cedar Point! I love that the walkways are so wide and unbelievably clean.

  2. Lol. That's the job I used to have when I worked there. I was a SWEEPERETTE! Gotta love those little yellow jumpsuits!


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