Tuesday, January 4, 2011

100 Joys Part 3

21. wandering through vintage stores. I love finding one of a kind treasures!

22. serendipity

23. spending Friday nights on my laptop at Starbucks!

24. wildflowers

25. my garden...yes I'm getting antsy for Spring!

26. opening the windows on a rainy day and letting the delicious cool air inside my home.

27. knitting. knitting. knitting. :)

28. looking at old family photo albums.

29. the Vegetarian Times subscription my sister got me for my birthday.

30. knowing that I'm 35 but feeling like I'm a kid! ;)


  1. I saw a project online for knitting little bows. I want to find a tutorial and try that out!

  2. I could have sworn I already typed this, but I don't see it!
    Anyway, I "ghost" commented before that I'm all amped up about this bow knitting project, to make a pin or a hair bow. I need to get back into it!
    I love these lists!

  3. Sounds cute! Let me know if you find one!


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